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Retail banking in CEE: Digitalization of back office activities
Study Roland Berger, November 2015
In our daily life, digitalization is an often discussed and fashionable topic. Many financial institutions see this as an opportunity to gain further competitive advantage. Obviously, it is mainly elaborated…

Keywords : back office , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency

Omni-channel banking: The digital transformation roadmap
Study Backbase, November 2015
Customer behavior is changing. Customers are more and more looking for convenience. The convenience and simplicity the get online and on mobile, when watching their favorite show on Netflix, or when taking…

Keywords : Omnichannel/Multichannel , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency

Innovation in retail banking 2015
Study Infosys, November 2015
Efma and Infosys Finacle are proud to present the seventh annual study of innovation in retail banking. The theme of this year’s study is industry disruption and how banks can effectively work with…

Keywords : Innovation , Fintech

Efma yearbook 2015
Regional review Efma, November 2015
Efma is pleased to present the Efma Yearbook for 2015. Our Yearbook examines global statistical trends in retail banking and also looks at the trends in each of four regions: Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle…

Keywords : Credit , Branch , ATM , Card , Digital/Mobile channels

Next best action in an omnichannel environment
Study Pegasystems, October 2015
With more and more channels at their disposal, customers now have more power than ever and are expecting a frictionless customer experience. Banks must therefore develop a personalized connected customer…

Keywords : Digital marketing , Big data

Retail financial services in Asia
Regional review EY, October 2015
Retail banking in Asia is about to explode. According to the latest figures from McKinsey, Asia will reach over US$900 billion in retail banking revenue by 2020, growing at about 14% per year from 2010.…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Bank Products & Services , Strategy

Next generation SME banking: The future of SME revenue growth opportunity in the digitalization era
Study Axis Corporate, September 2015
Efma and Axis Corporate are delighted to present our joint publication “Next Generation SME Banking, the future of SME revenue growth opportunity in the digitalisation era” Over the last few…

Keywords : Operational excellence/Cost efficiency , SME/Corporate

Evolution of the workplace in financial services
Study HP, July 2015
Efma and HP are glad to present a first study on the Evolution of Workplace in Financial Services. We have decided to conduct this study, via a survey gathering answers by over 50 financial institutions…

Keywords : Operational excellence/Cost efficiency

Retail financial services in Africa
Regional review KPMG, June 2015
As the home to seven of the ten fastest growing countries in the world, Africa is quickly becoming an attractive market for retail banking leaders across the globe. Indeed, the African financial services…

Keywords : Strategy , Bank Products & Services

Stewarding data: Why financial services firms need a chief data officer
Study Capgemini Consulting, May 2015
Capgemini Consulting and Efma are glad to announce the forthcoming ‘Stewarding data: Why financial services firms need a chief data officer’ report. For this report, Capgemini and Efma interviewed…

Keywords : Big data

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