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The internet of things: Disrupting insurance models
Digest Efma, July 2016
The rapid growth of the internet of things (IoT) is impossible to ignore. Already delivering clear benefits to areas such as energy, healthcare, agriculture, transport and buildings, this phenomenon –…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Internet of things

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Blockchain - Out of the blocks: From hype to prototype
Study KBC Securities, Deloitte, May 2016
Leaders across financial services institutions are both concerned and excited by the businesses implications arising from blockchain technology. Firms across the globe have begun to educate themselves…

Keywords : Blockchain

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Insurance in Central Europe: On the path towards full automation of the back office
Study Roland Berger, May 2016
Expectations of consumers are increased by the tech-native companies which define the new digital standard for everybody as well. Insurance companies also need to join and form the trend of digitalization…

Keywords : back office , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency , Insurance Products & Services

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Innovative new players in retail financial services
Digest Efma, April 2016
This report from Efma is an overview of the new players in retail financial services which launched around the world in 2015, challenging the established banks and insurers with innovative strategies…

Keywords : Fintech

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World Retail Banking Report 2016
Study Capgemini, April 2016
As FinTech firms target key aspects of the banking value chain creating disintermediation, banks are seeking to play a central role in today’s evolving digital ecosystems to remain relevant while…

Keywords : Strategy , Fintech , Customer experience

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Video banking: The next chapter in a bank's digital transformation
Study Vidyo, April 2016
Online banking, mobile applications, chat, social media… The growing success of digital technologies to enable interactions between the banks and their customers is raising a new challenge. Indeed,…

Keywords : Video services , Customer service , Digital/Mobile channels

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Fintechs: Reinventing banking
Digest Efma, April 2016
The impact of fintechs – technology-based start-ups that are disrupting many areas of financial services – can be felt across the entire retail banking industry. Accenture’s 2015 Future…

Keywords : Fintech , Innovation

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Digital transformation: The challenges and opportunities facing banks
Study Oracle Corporation, March 2016
This white paper has been produced from three interactive webinars or ‘think tanks’ hosted by Efma and with presentations from the Oracle Financial Services Global Business Unit. The two main…

Keywords : Fintech , Strategy , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency

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World Insurance Report 2016
Study Capgemini, March 2016
Gen Y and the Internet of Things (IoT) present a very compelling mix for insurers. Individually, and in combination, they will act as major disruptors to the traditional insurance business, affecting…

Keywords : Internet of things , Youth , Insurance Products & Services

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Driving revenue with data analytics: The results of the Efma Asia data analytics survey
Study Nomura Research Institute, January 2016
Big data is quickly becoming a critically important driver of business success across many sectors, and retail banks in particular see data analytics as the key factor that will drive their success in…

Keywords : Strategy , Big data

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