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Global distribution report
Study McKinsey & Company, April 2017
McKinsey & Efma are glad to announce their forthcoming Global distribution report. It will provide insights on the latest trends in retail financial service distribution.

Keywords : Distribution Channels

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Insurance in the mobile-first era
Study Comarch, April 2017
The future of insurance is definitely mobile, but how can we get the most out of it?Mobile is a part of a wider digital disruption. Thanks to it, many of us choose to stay online almost 24/7. We are a…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels

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AI and you
Study Deloitte, April 2017
Computers cannot think. But increasingly, they can do things only humans were able to do. It is now possible not only to automate but also to augment tasks that require human skills, such as recognizing…

Keywords : Robotics/AI , Digital/Mobile channels

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Strategy of traditional insurers towards aggregators #2
Study Roland Berger, April 2017
In last years, insurance sector in most European countries has been experiencing a limited success of full direct insurance distribution model but significant rise of new purchasing behaviors from…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services , Sales management , Fintech , Digital/Mobile channels

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Building the future of mobile banking - Part I
Study Wavestone, May 2017
Financial services are still facing the collateral effects of the financial crisis. Lately, a lot of effort have been made to comply with the new regulations, to stabilize their finances by making sure…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels

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Robo-advisory: The future of banking financial advisory services
Study Axis Corporate, May 2017
Efma and Axis Corporate are working on the Insights for a "Robo-Advisory - The future of banking financial advisory services” report.There are several factors which are influencing the need to implement…

Keywords : Financial advice , Robotics/AI

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Affluent banking & wealth management digest
Digest Efma, June 2017
The Efma affluent banking & wealth management digest will show how advances in digital technology are creating opportunities for financial institutions to better support their affluent customers and…

Keywords : Affluent/Private , Bank Products & Services

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World Retail Banking Report 2017
Study Capgemini, June 2017
Based on one of the industry’s largest survey responses from over 16,000 customers across 32 countries and more than 140 in-depth executive interviews, the report will examine the last trends in…

Keywords : Innovation , Business strategy/Model , API/Open banking , Fintech , Bank Products & Services

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World Insurance Report 2017
Study Capgemini Consulting, June 2017
The World Insurance Report 2017 from Capgemini and Efma will focus on emerging technologies and their impact on traditional insurance models.It will feature data from over 15,000 insurance customers globally…

Keywords : Insurance Products & Services

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Retail banking in Latin America
Regional review Efma, June 2017
This report will bring together a wide range of insight and opinion from experts across the Latin America retail financial services industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing banks operating…

Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency

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