Building the future of mobile banking - Part II


August 2017

In collaboration with Efma, Wavestone aims at designing the future outlines of mobile banking through 4 pillars covering all features of a bank.

This intermediate report presents the study results on organization and process.

To achieve a differentiating, personalized and simple customer experience with 24/7 availability, we believe that mobile banks should review their organization focusing on processes. By offering front-to-back processes available on every channel 24/7, in the customer’s pocket, mobile banks become more efficient, both in terms of performance and cost, than traditional ones.

Simplifying the processes and thus the customer journeys can include usages of new technologies, including but not limited to scoring systems to qualify files, decision-automation, artificial intelligence, robot advisors, etc. Partnerships with actors specialized on a pan of the process can also help rationalizing costs and gaining in efficiency.
•    Mortgages
•    Business loans
•    Customer demands management

We will assess these processes in terms of resource needs, cost and duration in order to determine opportunities for improvement.

The rest of the study will be released progressively, pillar per pillar, before being synthetized within a global report.

Keywords : Credit , Digital/Mobile channels , Operational excellence/Cost efficiency , Mortgage