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André Abadjian
Managing Partner
Star Diamond Private Jeweller


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management as well as being a qualified Diamond Polisher, Andre Abadjian, quickly entered the diamond business and opened his own company named Abadiam, following the family tradition. As owner and director, Andre was in charge of directing offices in Antwerp and the Far East, whilst following up the manufacturing and distribution of jewellery as well as the management of global diamond distribution. Over the years, Andre specialized in the purchase of large sized polished diamonds, white and fancy coloured. He also focussed on the trading of large rough diamonds which he mainly found in South Africa where he had direct access to the source. Over the course of the years, Andre has developed a global network of contacts informing him of exceptional opportunities, especially in fancy coloured diamonds. This has given him the chance to buy some unique diamonds and gem stones from privates. Thanks to Andre’s extensive experience of over 25 years, he has gained the confidence of numerous investors and collectors, whether private or corporate, whom he advises and sells important stones to. This extensive network has created an information flow, allowing Andre to be on top of the changes on the market, from fluctuations to new offers and special demands. Andre actively takes part in jewellery and diamond auctions at renowned houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s and Phillips in Geneva, London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong. In 2011, Andre and his partner launch a high-end jewellery brand Star Diamond Private Jewellery, which is now based in the UK. The London showroom opened in April 2014. Andre is responsible for the sourcing and purchasing of important precious stones and diamonds and the jewellery manufacturing.