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Efma Review 2017
Regional focus Efma, February 2017
The retail financial services industry is an exciting place to be at the moment. While it is important to acknowledge the continued pressure facing the sector, there’s no question that the number…

Keywords : Fintech , SME , Customer experience , Affluent , Business strategy , Innovation , Bank Products & Services , Insurance Products & Services , Operational excellence , Digital channels

Retail banking in the Middle East
Regional review Accenture, January 2017
Banks in the Middle East are making significant progress on their journey to digital transformation. An extremely dynamic marketplace brings a complex array of challenges for financial services providers,…

Keywords : Digital channels , Islamic customer , Bank Products & Services , Operational excellence

The case for digital mutation: How retail banks can become bionic at scale
Study BCG, January 2017
There’s little question that retail banks need to step up their digitization efforts. Customers demand it and margins depend on it. But retail banks need to become more than simply digital versions…

Keywords : Innovation , Operational excellence

Retail banking in Africa 2016: The digital transformation
Regional review Oliver Wyman, December 2016
African banks find themselves on a perilous path as they navigate the challenges presented by low banking penetration rates and a highly competitive market. But from these pressures are great opportunities.…

Keywords : Digital channels , Bank Products & Services , Operational excellence

Digital transformation of the banking salesforce
Study Accenture, November 2016
Digital is radically transforming the banking network, generating a clear call to action for managers and HR to reshape the salesforce. The drivers for change include the migration of customers from branches…

Keywords : Operational excellence , Sales management , Digital channels

Digital engagement and collaboration in wealth and investment management
Study Objectway, November 2016
Technology and digitalization are radically upending the wealth management industry and considerably challenge its value proposition. Wealth Managers should think of clients in terms of digital awareness…

Keywords : Operational excellence , Affluent , Digital channels

Getting big in small business banking
Study BCG, November 2016
Small businesses contribute roughly 5-10% of total revenues to banks per year on average. With such a substantial revenue pool one would imagine banks would be falling over themselves to service this…

Keywords : SME

The state of CX management in retail banking 2016
Study Forrester, November 2016
What’s the customer experience maturity level of the banking industry?Forrester surveyed Efma members, and three-quarters of them said that their bank aspires to be a leader in customer experience…

Keywords : Customer experience

Responding to change: how are banks using information and pricing strategies to boost profitability?
Study Oracle Corporation, November 2016
The financial services industry has changed significantly in recent years and is currently undergoing a massive transformation. This has been partly driven by a huge array of regulations and an enormous…

Keywords : Big data , Offer & pricing

Retail banking in Asia Pacific: Digital transformation
Regional review Efma, November 2016
Banks operating across Asia Pacific are caught up in a whirlwind of change. The phenomenal growth experienced by the region’s financial services sector over the last decade has been stunted by a…

Keywords : Digital channels , Bank Products & Services , SME , Affluent , Biometrics , Fintech , Islamic customer , Robotics & AI , Innovation

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