Where Are Banks On The Path To Customer Experience Management Maturity?

Think tank

Customer experience is a hot topic for most executives but levels of maturity vary drastically across industries. To this end, Forrester and Efma are partnering to produce a piece of research exploring where retail banks are on their path to customer experience management maturity.

The report will explore:
- The state of customer experience management maturity in the retail banking industry
- How prevalent the six must-have customer experience management practices are within retail banking
- Best practices in customer experience in retail banking
- Where the biggest gaps lie and what’s at risk if retail banks do not close those gaps 

As a core part of the initiative, we are running two think tank sessions and would like to invite a panel of influential members of Efma who are shaping customer experience within the banking industry

In these two sessions, we will discuss:

1st online session: The State Of Customer Experience Maturity In Retail Banking  13 October 2016 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CET
- How does your bank document what it knows about its customers?
- How important is customer experience at your bank?
- How do you go about designing new experiences?
- Are employees encouraged and/or trained to put themselves in the shoes of the customer?
- Do frontline employees have the right tools to deliver great customer experience?
- Do you measure customer experience? How?
- Do you hold employees accountable for delivering a good customer experience?

2nd online session: The Path To Customer Experience Maturity In Retail Banking  – 20 October 2016 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CET
- What are some of the barriers you face in delivering great customer experience?
- What are some of the areas where you feel the industry as a whole is lagging when it comes to customer experience?
- What are the key initiatives your bank is planning in 2016/2017 to improve customer experience?
- What brands (in or outside of the banking industry) do you use to benchmark your bank’s customer experience?

We hope you can join us for what will be a stimulating discussion on the future of our industry.

We thank our partner