Digital Transformation: business models and capabilities to succeed

Think tank

Undertaking a digital transformation is not an option anymore. Many financial institutions have already started this journey. However our experience shows that retail banks are struggling to find the right defensive and offensive moves to simultaneously reinvent the client experience and transform the core business processes. Some are taking a multiyear journey towards digital transformation. Others are choosing to create or acquire independent digital capabilities to test new business models and fuel growth.

To develop our BCG-Efma joint report on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, we would like to invite you to two think tanks to discuss the following questions:

1st online session: The digital maturity curve for Retail Banks - 12 July 2016 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm CET
- What are the different business models along the digital maturity curve?
- What are the various operating models, organizational structures and governance needed along the journey?
- How important is the cultural challenge?
- Who owns the digital agenda in the organization?
- What are the challenges faced during the transformation journey?

2nd online session: The role of data in the digital transformation journey - 8 September 2016 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm CET
- The growth of data is a structural trend. How can banks leverage this massive opportunity to improve the bottom line?
- Will opening transaction data to third parties trigger a new wave of disruptions?
- What will be the consequences in terms of authentication and data protection?
- How to set up a data management organization? Who owns the data? How to define the role of a Chief Data Officer?

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