Customers - The moment of truth

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Every point of engagement that retail banks have with their customers serves as a ‘moment of truth’ - putting the client relationship to the ultimate test. However, banks may be missing key opportunities to provide better customer service to meet rapidly changing demands of their clients. Failure to meet these rising standards at every turn can cause customer churn rates to rise and revenues to fall.

1st online session - 26 January 2016 at 3pm CET

During this session we will review the results of the survey and the importance of customer service along with the impact and perception it has on customers. While the majority of customers rank their service from banks as Very Good or Good, 21% would complain to family/friends or on social media if they experienced bad service instead of letting you know - and another 19% will start looking for a new bank altogether. Do you know what annoys your customers the most about the customer service you provide?

2nd online session - 16 February 2016 at 3pm CET

A staggering 60% of responders claimed that they were offered the best level of customer service through the face-to-face channel. In an era of closing down brick and mortar and moving towards more self-service, how are your service levels being impacted? Can you provide a more consistent level of service that delivers an optimal customer experience across all delivery channels?

3rd online session - 8 March 2016 at 3pm CET

While 68% of bankers felt that they understood their customers as individuals extremely well, only 29% of customers felt the same - as such, how can you serve their needs? What is the impact of this to the service and products that are provided? Knowing your customer is key. Find out how this is impacting your business and what customers had to say.

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