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As we move into the age of the millenial, the world of banking is being redefined. Conventional banks are being challenged by tech savvy competitors and FinTechs. Can banks still survive with just a multichannel strategy in place? How are banks going to transform to meet their customers’ expectations and keep pace with the new digitally-enabled players? Join the Think Tank sessions to know more.

1st online session - 29 September 2015

“Customer In” Digital Transformation: Banks can no longer have one-size-fits-all approach and lengthy product roll-out periods amidst rapidly changing business conditions. What banks need to do to have products and services what the customers want, how they want and when they want?

2nd online session - 13 October 2015

Defining the New Core: To keep pace with the fast changing digital revolution, renewing core banking systems is just one part of a complex ecosystem. The approach has to be more comprehensive - the value of Customer In capabilities has to be abstracted out of individual systems to a common layer - the Digital Engagement layer - built on best practice processes. Digital Engagement is the new core. Are you re-thinking your core strategy?

3rd online session - 10 November 2015

Your path to Digital Banking: Outdated systems are major obstacles in banks’ quests to be agile and streamlined. Banks hesitate to take up transformation because of the uncertain business case, and high risk involved. Do you have a comprehensive approach to take the complexity out of technology and focus on enabling quick wins? Where should you start; what should you do next?

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