The State Of Customer Experience Management In Retail Banking

22 March 2017

Forrester and Efma’s joint report “The State of CX Management in Retail Banking, 2016” reveals significant ambitions — but also challenges — to create experiences that rebuild or build new positive, economically powerful relationships with customers. According to the survey of Efma members, 75% of respondents want to have the best customer experience in their industry but retail banks fall short in all CX management competencies.

On 22 March 3:00 pm CET, Forrester and Efma will present key findings from the joint report including:

- The current state of retail banks’ CX management maturity
- Best practices to start maturing the six competencies of CX management
- Steps to assess your CX maturity and prioritize next steps

Please click on the link below in order to register for the webinar:

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